I initiated and actively maintain the following sites (based on IEEE Computer Society and ACM magazines):

SE Radio ACM queue IEEE Software IEEE Computer IEEE Cloud Computing IEEE Security & Privacy IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications IEEE Internet Computing IEEE Multimedia IEEE Pervasive Computing IEEE Intelligent Systems IEEE IT Professional IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering IEEE micro IEEE Annals IEEE Annals IEEE Annals

IEEE Software

History of Software Engineering
IEEE Software (1984 to present)

SE Radio

History of SE Radio
IEEE Software (2006 to present)

ACM queue

History of ACM queue
ACM queue (2003 to present)

IEEE Computer

History of Computing Ideas
IEEE Computer (1967 to present)

IEEE Cloud Computing

History of Cloud Computing Ideas
IEEE Cloud Computing (2014 to present)

IEEE Security & Privacy

History of Security & Privacy Ideas
IEEE Security & Privacy (2003 to present)

IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications

History of Computer Graphics Ideas
IEEE CG&A (1981 to present)

IEEE Internet Computing

History of Internet Computing Ideas
IEEE Internet Computing (1997 to present)

IEEE Multimedia

History of Multimedia Computing Ideas
IEEE Multimedia (1994 to present)

IEEE Pervasive Computing

History of Pervasive Computing Ideas
IEEE Pervasive Computing
(2002 to present)

IEEE Intelligent Systems

History of Intelligent Systems Ideas
IEEE Intelligent Systems
(1986 to present)

IEEE IT Professional

History of Enterprise Computing Ideas
IEEE IT Professional (1999 to present)

IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering

History of Computing in Science and Engineering
IEEE CISE (1999 to present)

IEEE micro

History of Chip and Silicon Systems Design
IEEE micro (1981 to present)

IEEE Annals

History of Annals of the History of Computing
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (1979 to present)